Orchardleigh House Wedding Photography – Emma & Jonathan

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* “Here’s another look at Emma+Jon’s Orchardleigh House wedding photography from June 2017. I remember the day so well and I can’t believe it’s three years ago! It was a great wedding and notable for the fact I got to fly in a helicopter to the reception venue and the sheer amount of rain we had on that journey and as we landed and dashed for cover! I got soaked!”

– Andrew Billington, August 2020.



Here’s a little sneak preview of Emma and Jonathan’s Orchardleigh House wedding photography in Somerset.


A very bespoke wedding day


It was a bespoke wedding day with everything the couple could wish for I think. A beautiful Somerset village wedding in Holt at the family’s local church – so close that Emma could walk there. A helicopter ride to Orchardleigh House landing near the Orangery in the beautiful walled garden. Then a fly by from the Red Arrows (courtesy of a quick call from Jon’s sister!) followed by wonderful food and energetic dancing. A fabulous wedding day – even though the weather didn’t really play it’s part by giving us biblical a mid-afternoon downpour.

Wedding Photography from the inside


When photographing weddings I always like to think that I am part of the wedding day but never there to control or direct it. I don’t think that I can fully reflect the day in my photography from the outside looking in – my photographs are always from the point of view of a guest that’s present at the wedding. I think then the final wedding photos will properly reflect what it was like to be there on that day and show the particular emotions of moments throughout the day.

Here’s a little peek at Jonathan and Emma’s wedding at Orchardleigh House near Frome in Somerset. Enjoy.