Orchardleigh Estate Wedding Photography – Lucy+Alastair

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I know I’m lucky and I get to photograph weddings in some very lovely locations but Salisbury Cathedral has to be one of my favourites. It’s an awesome building (and I do mean that in the sense of ‘creating awe’). However a great venue alone can never ‘make’ a wedding – the people do that – but the places do become one of the characters in the storytelling.


Starting the day rested


When I travelled down to photograph Lucy and Alastair’s wedding in July I stayed just across the road from it the night before and ate a picnic in the grounds – it was a blissful thing to do. As I photograph weddings across the UK I do tend to travel the night before so I’m rested for the day ahead and not trapped on a snarled up motorway on the day of the wedding!

Relaxed Orchardleigh Estate Wedding Photography


After the cathedral wedding ceremony we all moved on to the Orchardleigh Estate for the rest of the wedding day – it has fabulous grounds for the wedding reception, a lovely enclosed walled garden and the sort of relaxed atmosphere that perfect for the sort of weddings I photograph.

Have a peep at Lucy and Alastair’s Orchardleigh Estate wedding – it was a fun day.

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