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I believe that you need to enjoy your wedding – fun, relaxed days definitely give the best photographs. That’s why my approach to photographing your wedding day is not to orchestrate anything but let the day flow so there’s no standing around waiting awkwardly to be photographed. It’s about telling the story of the day you’ve planned, with the people you love and celebrating the choices you’ve made. That’s how each wedding day I photograph can be different from the last.

I’ve been photographing weddings for over a decade now and have been refining my award winning documentary wedding photography year on year. It’s not about a series of unconnected ‘candid’ images of the day but creating a series of photographs that build one upon the other to tell the narrative of your wedding – all while you enjoy the day and don’t have to stop to pose.

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 – UK Wedding Photographer of the Year 2019 –


With family and friends coming together I expect to take maybe a few formal photos but I try to make this quick and simple so no-one is standing around – least of all you. Of course we don’t have to do this if that’s not how you see your day – I always think you need maximum time with your guests and minimum time standing in a line….

What I want you to have is a visual record that evokes all the emotions of the day and tells you what it was like to be there – triggering memories for you and transporting future generations back…

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Andrew Billington Testimonials

Oh my God!!!! I’ve just opened them at work – I absolutely love every single image!!

Nicola Ritchie

It’s like reliving the whole day all over again but with the added bonus of seeing all the bits we missed.

Simon & Leslie

We looked at the photos over and over. And they got better and better!!

Amy & Matt