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Over recent years I’ve noticed Micro Weddings are an emerging trend in the wedding world, distinguished by a more intimate, sometimes minimalist and compact nature. I’ve photographed a few ‘smaller’ days – and I must admit I love it.


Micro Weddings provide Flexibility


Micro Weddings also provide the flexibility to choose unique and non-traditional venues, such as private gardens, cosy pubs, landmark locations, or quirky venues which may not accommodate larger gatherings. This opens up a world of creative possibilities for couples, allowing them to craft a wedding day that truly reflects their personalities and preferences. Having exactly the day that they want – which is always something I’m looking to express in my photography.

Micro wedding photography UK. Relaxed documentary photographer Andrew Billington.

One of the primary advantages of micro weddings has been the opportunity for couples to allocate their budget more effectively. With fewer guests, expenses related to catering, venue, and decor are significantly reduced, enabling couples to allocate resources to other aspects of their special day, such as more bespoke photography or unique experiences for their guests. This can result in a more memorable and unique wedding experience for all involved.


Guests feel more engaged


I’ve noticed guests often feel more engaged and involved with the day, as they have a closer relationship with the couple, leading to an instantly warm and communal atmosphere. The day ‘relaxes’ sooner than those with a more ‘formal’ build-up.

Micro weddings are a testament to the idea that bigger is not always better. They emphasise the beauty of simplicity and focus on the essence of the wedding day – the love and commitment between two people. 

Micro wedding photography UK. Relaxed documentary photographer Andrew Billington.

Choosing a micro wedding has been a positive affirmation for some couples of the desire for a wedding day that is deeply meaningful, intimately connected, and uniquely their own. It prioritises love and commitment over extravagance, creating a truly special, unique and hopefully unforgettable celebration.

For me, as a photographer, the Micro Wedding offers several advantages over a longer and ‘bigger’ day:

Intimate Moments: 

With a smaller guest list, couples can savour intimate moments and connections with their loved ones meaning I can capture genuine emotions and candid interactions, creating more heartfelt and emotionally rich photos. I’ve noticed couples don’t have to ‘split up’ to make sure they get around to greet all their guests – making great moments with both of them in the picture at the same time!

Micro wedding photography UK. Relaxed documentary photographer Andrew Billington.


Unique Locations:

Micro weddings often take place in non-traditional and unique settings, such as private estates, picturesque gardens, or intimate indoor spaces. Meaning I get the opportunity to photograph in these distinctive environments which feeds my creative juices and allows me to make original and unique images throughout the day.

Micro wedding photography UK. Relaxed documentary photographer Andrew Billington.

Time Efficiency:

Smaller weddings often have less formalities and logistics, which can make the day less hectic and more time-efficient. I have the freedom to focus on the most important aspects of the day, ensuring I can savour any significant moments.


Micro weddings just seem to be more emotionally charged – whether it’s the time constraint that really focuses the emotion or the smaller number of meaningful guests – I always seem to capture powerful, beautiful and charged images at smaller weddings for all the time I’m there.

Ceremony, Micro wedding photography UK. Relaxed documentary photographer Andrew Billington.


There are several benefits in Micro Weddings for the couple too:

It saves you money:

Micro weddings are designed to scale back every detail of a regular wedding. With fewer guests, you can save money on everything from invitations, catering, venue costs and wedding decorations. Plus a smaller wedding party can save too as some wedding couples take responsibility for their dresses, suits, makeup, hair and stag/hen activities.

Micro wedding photography UK. Relaxed documentary photographer Andrew Billington.

It’s eco-friendly:

A reduced guest list means less food and waste, fewer people travelling, and great efficiencies all around.

Your celebration can fit into smaller places:

If you always wanted an outdoor wedding, or at a favourite pub or one in your garden, micro weddings make it logistically possible.

Micro wedding photography UK. Relaxed documentary photographer Andrew Billington.


Pricing to reflect a Micro Wedding Day


In the past I’d always offered ‘one price for the whole day’ for my wedding photography but as the wedding day changes in nature for some I realise it’s only fair to reflect that. I enjoy photographing all types of weddings so for those couples who are opting for a smaller, shorter and more intimate Micro Wedding day I’ve adjusted my pricing offer accordingly. 

I’ve expressed how much I enjoy these more bespoke wedding days and would hate for anyone who wants my style of low-impact, storytelling wedding photography not to think I would consider their wedding just because it’s not a ‘full’ day.


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