I've been photographing people for nearly two decades and it still inspires me.

I grew up loving theatre and the many ways you can tell stories. That love of narrative has continued into my photography.

I worked originally in theatre as an actor then stage manager but when I picked up a camera in the early 2000s my career zagged – starting as a documentary photographer in the arts and segueing into weddings (where a heightened story is condensed into one day).

And this is what I’ve done for the last 15 years.

Andrew Billington Photography

I live with Rachel and my two gorgeous dogs (I might add that Rachel is gorgeous too) and make cheese and read when I’m not out photographing people.

As well as photographing weddings I’m a well established theatre photographer and do a little commercial and portrait work – but always with a focus on story-telling and putting people front and centre in all my work.

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Andrew Billington Testimonials

Oh my God!!!! I’ve just opened them at work – I absolutely love every single image!!

Nicola Ritchie

It’s like reliving the whole day all over again but with the added bonus of seeing all the bits we missed.

Simon & Leslie

We looked at the photos over and over. And they got better and better!!

Amy & Matt