I've been photographing people for over a decade and it never gets old.

I grew up with a love of theatre, of telling stories. My ambition as a child was to be an actor and in my early twenties some deluded people did pay me to do it!

A love of film brought me to photography and so I discovered I could tell stories visually – starting as a documentary photographer of the arts and segueing into weddings (where a complete powerful story is condensed into one day).

And this is what I’ve done for the last 15 years.

Andrew Billington Photography

I live with Rachel and my two gorgeous dogs (I might add that Rachel is gorgeous too) and make cheese and read when I’m not out photographing.

2020 really put a lot of things into perspective and made me focus on the importance of family.

Exploring those dynamics and focusing on capturing the character of people is something I know I’m going to be bringing into my wedding photography from now on….

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Andrew Billington Testimonials

Oh my God!!!! I’ve just opened them at work – I absolutely love every single image!!

Nicola Ritchie

It’s like reliving the whole day all over again but with the added bonus of seeing all the bits we missed.

Simon & Leslie

We looked at the photos over and over. And they got better and better!!

Amy & Matt