Hackney Wedding Photography – Kasia & Jana

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On Saturday it was trip to London for the wedding photography in Hackney of Kasia and Jana.

I work with a lot of laid back couples but it’s not often I’m asked to photograph a wedding before a venue has been booked. When Kasia got in touch all the information I had (until a couple of weeks before the date) was that the wedding was going to happen somewhere in London. Which I think goes to prove my credo that weddings are about people and not places.


Hackney Wedding Photography at Apiary Studios


We ended up at the Apiary Studios on Hackney High Street which is a photography studio with a larger and smaller studio. The larger studio is where we had the wedding and entertainment (brilliantly provided by the guests of the couple), the smaller room for eating and dancing.

The day was a beautiful coming together of cultures with Kasia’s Polish family and friends meeting up with Jana’s Tamil relatives – and all getting to experience the couples vegan lifestyle with some amazing food provided throughout the day.


A 100% Cruelty Free Wedding


The wedding was also designed to be 100% cruelty free in line with Kasia and Jana’s beliefs. Just this simple thought about how to approach the day said a lot about the couple and the care and planning that had gone into the day. Although the choice of venue proved perfect for the wedding, how we celebrated was more important in the end than where.

Here is a quick snapshot of the day – I photographed for twelve and a half hours straight on the day so there is plenty more to come. This should give a little flavour of the wedding day. Enjoy.


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