Forest Hill London Wedding Photography – Nadia + James

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Candid London Wedding Photography


9 hours,1 room and 80 guests. 

Weddings don’t need to be about multiple locations, broad vistas, multi-roomed Georgian Mansions  and rolling countryside disappearing into the distance. Even when you have all that it all boils down to bringing together the people you love to celebrate your day with you.

That’s what Nadia and James did. They had a restaurant in London that they loved – the fabulous Canvas & Cream – and decided that was where they wanted to celebrate getting married.


Not a ‘formulaic-wedding-photographer’ style….


And that’s where I came in. They wanted a photographer to capture the celebration but not in a formulaic, wedding photography style. It was not a cookie-cutter wedding and having someone around who was looking for the usual motifs and cliched pictures was not going to match the day that they had planned. 


Natural, Unposed Photography reflecting their choices


Like most couples I work with they wanted a unique record of a unique day in their lives. Natural, unposed photography that reflected their choices. And it’s that way I love to work. I don’t want to move people from pillar to post to make ‘weddingy’ photos when there is an actual wedding unfolding in from of me…. why not just photograph that?


“We LOVED going through the gallery…”

Nadia + James


Have a peek at James and Nadia’s wedding photography at Canvas and Cream in Forest Hill in London. There’s a slideshow at the bottom if you’d like to see more of the day – I’ve just picked out a few of my favourite photos from the wedding to share.


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