Lamb Tavern Wedding Photography in London

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Lamb Tavern Wedding Photography


It’s been a busy summer and autumn and a while since I shared any of the weddings I’ve been photographing throughout 2021. So I thought I’d start with this lovely Lamb Tavern wedding that I photographed for Nicola and Rob in August.

Tears, joy, fun, laughter, excitement – these are the things that I look for on a wedding day. They’re natural emotions that you can’t fake and I wouldn’t expect to make anybody to ‘perform’ for my camera. My approach is to become part of the day, let it flow and then photograph what happens. No stilted direction, nothing set up, everything as it happens – the skill is finding the moments that tell a story and getting the ‘top’ of each emotion. That’s when a photograph comes together.

Story Telling Wedding Photos


I’m not going to fill out the word count by telling you what happened during the day but just share a few of the photographs I took of Nicola and Rob’s wedding at Marylebone Town Hall and the Lamb Tavern in Leadenhall Market in the heart of London.

Have a peep at the slideshow at the bottom if you want to see more wedding photos….Top Wedding Photographers

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