Elmore Court Wedding Photography in Gloucestershire

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In May last year I was able to photograph my first Elmore Court wedding for a while as celebrations were just starting to open up.

I think we were limited to 30 people still but the fact that Laurel and Tom we able to actually move ahead with their marriage at Elmore Court gave the whole day a special feeling that everything was getting a little better.


A unique wedding venue


Elmore court is a unique wedding and events venue in Gloucestershire with a stately home, gorgeous manicured and wild grounds and a soundproof party venue.

Elmore Court is one of my favourite wedding venues (I’ve photographed there a few times over the years) for many reasons:

It’s very beautiful – it never hurts to have a fabulous backdrop  within which to photograph people celebrating.

The day there has a really natural ‘flow’ – by this I mean that day naturally moves from ceremony to reception to meal without having to herd guests over great distances. 

It sounds an odd thing to notice but when you’re not the kind of photographer who asks people to do things or moves people from pillar to post when a venue ‘flows’ photos become more relaxed and natural.

The staff are brilliant. Enough said.

It felt like breathing out again after a very long holding of breath


It just feels great when you’re there. I don’t think I’ve ever had a wedding at Elmore Court when I didn’t come away smiling at the lovely day everyone has had. I can’t pin down why that should be but it just is. 

I’m not going to attempt to fill up my word count with talking you through how the day went – I’ve got pictures for that. Just enjoy the fact that people came together after various ‘lockdowns’ and really celebrated at a beautiful place in a beautiful way. It felt like breathing out again after a very long holding of breath.

Have a peep at the slideshow at the bottom of this post for even more wedding photos at Elmore Court.