Stone Barn Wedding Photographer

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A lucky Stone Barn wedding photographer

I was lucky enough to be Adam and Libby’s Stone Barn wedding photographer. I say that not because it’s an amazing venue (which it is) or that the company that run it are REALLY good at putting on a fabulous wedding (they are). I say it because I really love to work with great couples and Adam and Libby are one of the best.

A hard road to the wedding

It had been a hard road to the wedding day – postponements, venue changes, personal tragedies (which is not my place to go into) – but throughout they were such a positive couple to deal with I knew it was going to be a joy on the day.

A positive spin on the wedding day

And that’s what I’m looking for on the day – the genuine emotions throughout the wedding. It’s not my place to manufacture a wedding but to reflect how the day is. I try to find the best of the day, to photograph the ‘height’ of emotions and make what the photographer Nick Tucker has called ‘ the wedding day’s dream of itself’. The day as it is but a joyous perspective. 

Anyway here’s a selection of the photos from Adam and Libby’s Stone Barn wedding. It was great to go back to the venue again (I’ve also photographed a wedding at the sister venue Cripps Barn just up the road) and I look forward to photographing a wedding there again very soon.

Click on the slideshow below for more photos from the day.

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