Beckenham Place Mansion Wedding in London

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Clementine and Charlie’s wedding at Beckenham Place Mansion was such great fun! There’s no other way to describe it – so I won’t. I’m just going to use the phrase ‘fun wedding’ a lot. Sorry in advance.


Fun Beckenham Place Mansion Wedding!


I met Clem at their flat for a little behind the scenes getting ready action and a party was in full swing. ABBA blasting loud and dancing, drinking and yes ‘fun’ was happening all over. Somehow amongst the dancing and partying people managed to get ready, construct bridesmaids bouquets out of flower bought on the way over and leave the house pretty much on time.


Relaxed and joy filled day


Everyone headed over to Beckenham Place Mansion where the rest of the day was to be. I’ve worked in a lot of wedding venues and Beckenham Place Mansion works so well for the kind of relaxed and joy filled day that the couple wanted. It’s operated by Lewisham Council (which filled me with dread because council places can be very sterile, joyless, rule filled places that want to suck fun out of the air) thankfully this was not the case. It’s a great wedding venue. Tired and worn enough that you relax and don’t fear you’ll ‘spoil’ anything and just big enough so everyone stays together and celebrates the marriage as a group.

An easy venue to photograph


It’s very easy to photograph as well. Bright rooms, a good sized amount of outside space and a massive park behind it in case people want to run around (they might!). If I were having a wedding there I’d bring a ball or some rounders bats…. Could be a nice early evening distraction.

Anyway – there’s not much more to say. Clem and Charlie wanted a fun, relaxed day. The day was very much fun and relaxed. Job done. I did my thing of letting the day flow and photographing what happened. A perfect wedding day at Beckenham Place Mansion and one I was very much pleased to be a part of.

Here’s a few pictures and a slideshow of the wedding.


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