Oyster Shed Wedding Photography in London

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The weddings that stick in my mind are the ones that have been most fun. Lee and Caroline’s wedding at the Oyster Shed on the banks of the river Thames in London was one such wedding.

Right from the off you know it’s going to be a good day when you hear laughter as you enter a flat and are immediately offered a cup of tea – often something stronger but I always think one of us needs to stay sober.


My status is just above that of the cake


The best weddings are the ones where I’m welcomed into the day and left alone to photograph the story as it unfolds (and to be fair that’s most weddings I photograph). I’m part of the day but like to think that my status is just above that of the cake – family and friends are way more important than me so I never crave any special treatment. I’d rather let everyone get on with it and document the fun.

That is the case for Calorie and Lee’s wedding. Caroline is an actress and West End performer so there were loads of strong (and loud) personalities at the wedding. The bus ride from Marylebone Town Hall to the final wedding venue at The Oyster Shed was one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever been on. Friends sang and entertained both buses – with the bride and groom swapping buses half way through the journey.

Here are a few photos from their Oyster Shed wedding photography – I think you can see what a great day it was.

(Click on the slideshow at the bottom for more photos)

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