Mud Dock Wedding Photography in Bristol

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A two day wedding in Bristol – yes please!

Boat trip on day one – yes please!

Megan and Edward’s Bristol wedding was to be a two day affair with the ceremony and small family meal happening on day one and then a full celebration with wider family and friends on day two. And I wanted to capture it all.

Thank you so so much for sharing our photos with us. They’re absolutely INSANE!!

If only we could do the whole weekend again!  – Megan.


A unique story telling opportunity


I think you have to approach wedding photography as a unique story telling opportunity with every wedding you photograph. At least that’s my approach. Here the story was vast – two days, multiple locations, two lots everything (including dresses and suits). Lots of story to tell. 


There are no unremarkable weddings, only unremarkable photographers.


But what happens when it’s a small intimate wedding in one location? I feel that my approach has to be the same. Tell the story of THIS day in the best way I can.

I worked in theatre for many years and one phrase from my training is as relevant to me as a photographer as it ever was as an actor. “There are no small parts, only small actors.” I might rewrite for this for photographers but the sentiment is the same:

“There are no unremarkable weddings, only unremarkable photographers.”

I get asked to photograph some great events!


I know I’m very lucky and get asked to photograph some great events. However that also adds to the pressure of coming up with photography that reflects the day, the planning and the fun that is going to be had. Just because a place looks great, is interesting or quirky, there are fire eaters or stilt walkers or a full drag cabaret it doesn’t mean that my job is easier. In fact to misquote a well known phrase “With great planning, comes great responsibility” – the more you throw at a wedding the more focused I have to be to make sure I capture all the flavour of the day.

It’s not a complaint – every day reflects the couple I’m photographing. I want you to see ‘you’ in the photography not a bunch of stuff. The ‘stuff’ is important but it’s a reflection of the couple getting married and their tastes. How a day is planned is the context or canvas, the people are the story.

Anyway – here’s Megan and Edward’s Mud Dock Wedding Photography in Bristol. Take a peek and click on the slideshow at the bottom for more…..