Mud Dock Cafe Wedding Photography

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Mud Dock Cafe Wedding Photography in Bristol

Here’s a wedding I photographed a couple of weeks ago at the Mud Dock Cafe in Bristol. I’ve not blogged for quite a while but this wedding has inspired me!

I know I should be writing my 300 words about this wedding in such a way that I hit all the Google SEO juice of ‘Bristol Wedding Photographer’ and ‘Mud Dock Cafe Wedding Photography’ and therefore drive business to my wedding photography site – but really I just want to share the joy, look, fun, styling and storytelling photography from Jess + Chris’s day.

From their initial enquiry:


We absolutely love your photography style! We want our wedding to be super relaxed and love the way you manage to capture the little moments!” – Jess and Chris

I knew we would work well together. 

Most of the time I just want people’s wedding days to flow, not be interrupted by photography. That way I get the best photos of spontaneous fun and emotion. I’ve been doing this for 20 years now so know how to stay ahead of the action without disturbing it and get the best photography on the day.

We took a bit of time out to take some family photos – but this was just stepping aside from the reception for ten minutes and doing some relaxed family groups. Nothing to stop the enjoyment or relaxed feeling of the day.

After the Register Office and The Gold Bar (1 minutes walk down the road from the ceremony) the wedding walked across town to one of my favourite wedding venues in Bristol Mud Dock Cafe – not strictly a wedding venue but a bicycle repair shop with a cafe and terrace attached.

Have a peep at some of the photographs from the wedding day!