MC Motors Wedding Photographer in London

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MC Motors Wedding Photographer in London


“Such an amazing job Andrew!

The photos capture our day so perfectly,

We couldn’t be happier.” – Katie


Katie and Fred were such a fun couple. You could tell from the get go that they were going to have a fantastic wedding but were so relaxed about it that they were just going to have a blast all day. And it proved to be so.

When I spoke to them it was clear that there were a few things that were going to be a little different about this wedding day. Firstly, they were getting ready together in the morning – none of the high stakes let’s not see each other until I walk down the aisle. Neither were sure they’d keep it together if they had such a big reveal. Secondly, when we had our pre-wedding Zoom chat, Fred had to dash off the call so he could fetch the cake topper he’d bought on Etsy just to show me – it was two taxidermy mice dressed as bride and groom in a ‘Dirty Dancing’-style lift pose! Not to everyone’s taste but it gave me a great insight into how the day was going to be….


My photography is all about them and their choices


But that’s what I love abut the way I work with couple’s on the wedding day – my photography is all about them and their choices. I don’t have an idea of what a wedding ‘should’ look like in my head before I head off in the morning, I want to spend the day discovering the wedding that has been planned and reflecting that in my photography.

I’m not going to write what Katie and Fred’s wedding looked like and the choices they made – all that is shown below – but I will add for the sake of an SEO bump that I do enjoy being a MC Motors wedding photographer and if you’re getting married there do get in touch 🙂


Stuffed mouse cake topper



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