Spring Wedding Instagram Round Up

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My wedding photography kicks off again in earnest this weekend with a double header in Hatfield and London. It’s going to be great to create some new photography for some great new couples.


Some Cringe-y wedding photos


It’s been challenging times and looking back at the wedding photography I’ve taken over the past 15 years has been really interesting. I’ve discovered some photographs that I really love that I hadn’t thought about since delivering them to couples a decade ago. These photos have been feeding my Instagram recently.

Other photos have not aged well . Anything that was ‘in fashion’ in photography or filters that were popular on social media now look really cringe-y!

Looking back so far has meant I can see and distill what photos really work and last the test of time. The mantra that I’ve adopted over the past few years is to photograph ‘These people, at this time, in this place’ – being very specific about time and place means that photos look good and are of interest years after they were taken. 


Trying to take ‘Timeless’ wedding photography is a mistake!


Trying to photograph in a generic, ‘timeless’ fashion I think is such a mistake – you seem to end up with very blah and non-specific photos that cease to be interesting after 6 months. There is nothing that exists beyond the cliche.

Here is a selection from my recent Instagram feed – have a peep (the oldest photos is from about a decade ago – can you spot it?).