Best Wedding Photographers in the UK

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Wow! It was amazing to wake up and find myself named in the ‘Best Wedding Photographers in the UK’ list from the World’s Best Wedding Photos website. It’s a very well regarded photography website that only wants to represent the top wedding photographers on their site – 

“World’s Best Wedding Photos is the definitive guide to wedding photography. Every photo is carefully curated and every artist is extensively reviewed before you see them here.”

After the past year it’s lovely to be noticed as you carry on doing your thing and just trying each wedding to do the best you can for every couple you work with.

Check out the full list here – there’s only 14 of us:


The little blurb they put next to my listing is one of the nicest things I think anyone can say about my photography and approach to photographing a wedding day… I’m touched!

“It seems like fun follows Andrew Billington wherever he goes. His photos are full of sweet emotions, big smiles, and moments that capture the joy of getting married. His color palette is crisp and clean, and his composition is always interesting. Check out his work and imagine yourself having the time of your life in front of his camera.”