Harry’s Shack Wedding Photography – Kelly+Phil

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Last Thursday I was in Northern Ireland at Harry’s Shack for the wedding photography of Kelly and Phil. In fact I was about as far North as you can go without wading into the Atlantic.


A Seafood restaurant on the Beach


The wedding was taking place in a gorgeous seaside town called Portstewart and was to be on a National Trust beach in a natural cove looking across the bay. The wedding itself was at Harry’s Shack  – a seafood restaurant on the beach looking out to the ocean. A great place for wedding photography you have to agree.

Doing the job that I do I get to discover little places throughout the UK that I never would know about if it wasn’t for the love and connection my couples have with them. This is Harry’s Shack – it’s a little gem hidden on the North Coast of Ireland. A Jay Rayner put it in his Guardian review of the restaurant:

“Coming to Northern Ireland right now and not going to Harry’s Shack would be a stupid thing to do.”

And that’s Jay Rayner – who seldom has a good word to say about anywhere!

Relaxed, Unposed Wedding Photography


Anyway it was Kelly & Phil’s day, not mine, so great food apart I was there to celebrate their wedding day with my camera. And what a fantastic day they had.

Kelly is an award winning wedding dress designer based just outside Belfast so you might expect a full-on styled photoshoot of a wedding. But no Kelly wanted a relaxed, unposed day – so she called me.

Here is a flavour of Phil & Kelly’s day – the brief was about family, friends, kids and playing on the beach. And I was more than happy to oblige. 

I’ll be doing the full edit of the wedding in the next month but I really wanted to share a preview of their ‘as far as you can go North’ in Northern Ireland Harry’s Shack wedding photography…


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