Meol’s Hall wedding photography – Jenna & Steve

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Here’s a little preview of Steve and Jenna’s wedding photography at Meol’s Hall near Southport in the North West of England.


Photographing another Wedding Photographer’s Wedding


Steve is also a wedding photographer so it was a great honour to be asked to photograph his marriage to Jenna. It’s always nice to have a stamp of approval from those who know wedding photography from the inside out. Steve was the second wedding photographer whose wedding I’d photographed so far this year (check out Matt’s wedding at Fulham Palace in London).

Jenna and Steve knew the day that they wanted and there was no real formality about it at all – just bring family and friends together to help celebrate their wedding day at Meol’s Hall. This is always great for me because I can just spend my time looking for little natural moments and try to tell the story of the day in a very genuine and unposed way.

When Steve and Jenna were first organising the day there were two factors they considered to determine the date of the wedding – one was my availability (flattering) and the other was the availability of the Manchester magician Sam Fitton. Once our diaries synced the date was set.


Sam Fitton Manchester Magician


Sam came to perform for people in the early evening and made his way round the various groups mesmerising and entertaining as he went. I could have made a whole blog post on Sam’s performance at the wedding (maybe I will) such was the reaction to his presence.

Anyway, this is just supposed to be a little preview of Steve and Jenna’s Meol’s Hall wedding photography whilst I spend the rest of the week editing the day. Have a peek and enjoy…


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