Nikki & Sam’s Back Garden Wedding

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A massive Tipi in the back garden, a horse and carriage, fabulous Israeli dancing, a picnic tea, limbo contests and an emotional wedding ceremony. 

That was Nikki and Sam’s wedding. And I was there. Thanks for inviting me.

It’s great to be able to document weddings like this – and by ‘like this’ I mean two things.

One: great days that couples have designed to celebrate in a way that reflects them.

Two: being asked to photograph the wedding not because I use the words ‘wedding photographer’ on Google but because of the way that I photograph a wedding. My style, my approach. I never think of myself as a wedding photographer but as a photographer who’s been invited to a wedding.

Forget about me and enjoy yourselves


That was the joy of working with Sam and Nikki – they’d designed a fabulous day and invited me along to photograph it. And did the best things any couple can do at their wedding – forget about me and enjoy themselves. I think it shows in their photographs.

This is the little preview of the wedding day that I promised them. I shall be editing the rest of the wedding next week…..


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