Dorney Court Wedding Photographer in Windsor

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Weddings are unquestionably one of the most important and memorable events in a person’s life. As a Dorney Court wedding photographer I want to record all the important and surprising moments of a wedding day since it is a day full with pleasure, laughter, tears and joy. Traditional posed wedding photography used to be the norm for many years, with families and couples waiting in line for hours to get the perfect snap. But when I started photographing weddings nearly 20 years ago I wanted my approach to be more candid and unposed.


Beautiful Tudor Manor House for Weddings


Dorney Court is a beautiful Grade I listed Tudor Manor House that has served as the setting for many weddings. The lovely, old building, with its fine detailing and lovely gardens, makes a perfect location for any wedding. Yet, Dorney Court is a great venue for candid wedding photos for more reasons than just its setting – there is a relaxed atmosphere there that means that people just seem to enjoy the day, and are less stiff and just get on with the celebrations.

Unposed wedding photography entails capturing candid moments of the wedding day, which often tell a more authentic and emotional story of the day. Unposed photography, as opposed to stiffer more self conscious posed photography, captures the real emotions and interactions between the couple, their families, and their guests.

Furthermore, Dorney Court unposed wedding photography allows for a more creative and artistic approach. The beautiful gardens and the building’s unique architecture make an excellent backdrop for creative shots. Natural light, reflections, and textures can be used to create stunning images that tell a beautiful story.


Unwind and Enjoy Your Day


One of the most significant benefits of candid wedding photography is that it allows couples to unwind and enjoy their special day. Instead of posing for photographs for hours, couples can spend more time with their loved ones, soaking in the atmosphere of their wedding day without disrupting the flow of the day.

I like couples to relax and appreciate their wedding day, knowing that their photography is taken care of and that I will capture all of the special moments that will make their wedding day unforgettable and unique. 

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