Wedding Photography : Moment By Moment – The Speeches

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One of my favourite parts of the wedding day is the speeches. It’s a time when I get to know a little bit more about the couple and some information that would only usually be shared between family and friends.

In the past I’ve learnt about a rally driving past, training as a stuntman in Australia and riding the length of Britain on a tandem – and that was just one bride!

Soon I will write a full blog post about the speeches in my ‘The Part of the Wedding when…’ strand but in the meantime here is a moment that I love.

It’s usually the groom that gets embarrassed in the speeches but sometimes it’s best to get your revenge in first. When the opportunity arrives to make your mother cringe in front of a room full of people – why wouldn’t you?

Speeches often aren’t about the people speaking. I always think it pays to actually listen to what’s being said and get ready to photograph the reaction. That’s where the story is.

This photograph was taken at a wedding at The Ashes in Staffordshire in 2014.


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