Walcot Hall Wedding Photographer – Amy+Matt

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Walcot Hall Wedding Photographer


I’m looking back at past weddings at the moment and I often think of when I was the Walcot Hall wedding photographer for Amy + Matt in October 2016. 

Shropshire weddings are close to where I live so it’s always nice to only have to pop over the border for a little wedding photography.

It’s such a lovely venue and works so well for a wedding day. There’s great accommodation for guests (cottages and glamping pods), you have gorgeous grounds to explore and it’s a beautiful Georgian building with a stand alone Ballroom! Perfect for a wedding weekend away….

I am photographing there in June 2021 and really looking forward to visiting again. Photographing weddings across the UK has this one little downside – you don’t get back as often as you’d like to some of the venues you love. 

Don’t fall into the trap


Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder – if I were there every week I might fall into the trap of believing I knew what a wedding looked like and stop ‘seeing’ the day as a new and unique experience for the couple I was working with. That’s a trap I’ve never wanted to fall into.

Anyway – here’s Amy and Matt’s wedding photography at Walcot Hall from Autumn 2016. I think you’ll see what a great day it was and what a lovely setting Walcot Hall is for a wedding.

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