Unposed Wedding Photography – An Apology?

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I’ve just been in a conversation with a photojournalism student talking about unposed wedding photography amongst other things.


I Photograph Weddings


Whenever I’m talking about photography and the subject moves on to weddings I still feel that it’s the poor cousin of the photography world. It’s a thing to be whispered – ‘I photograph weddings’ – and spoken of in hushed, embarrassed tones. Like it’s not real photography. It’s not wars or fashion or prime ministers – it doesn’t count in serious discussions because the subject of the photos is coloured with decades of cliche.

Well I’m not going to be embarrassed anymore. I know how hard it is to photograph weddings in the way that I do, avoiding cliches, creating interesting photos on the fly and capturing a live event as it happens with out any re-takes or do-overs!


Unposed Wedding Photography is Damned Hard Work!


Unposed wedding photography is damned hard work to get right. Try concentrating your focus for ten hours at a time, thinking of ways to photograph something fleeting in an interesting and captivating way in a split second, having the pressure of 18 months of planning coming to a head in front of you and know you get one chance to capture a moment.

It’s also a great way to spend a day – who wouldn’t want to share in the most important part of someone’s day, and get paid to boot! I’m not complaining in the least.


Wedding Photography Workshops


I’ve been doing unposed wedding photography for ten years now and trying to improve with every wedding I photograph. So much so that I’ve been asked to run some wedding photography workshops and 1-2-1 sessions for other photographers this year, which is quite humbling. I’m going to be in Belfast, London, Manchester and Crete sharing what I’ve learnt over the last decade of documentary wedding photography.

By means of illustration here is Laura and Ed’s wedding from last year in 15 photographs…. this was a full on day in Benenden in Kent, and a thoroughly enjoyable one too.



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