Top Instagram Wedding Photos – September 2017

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At the start of each month I look back over my Instagram feed and pick out a few of the photos that have had the best reactions from people viewing them.

I don’t use my Instagram Feed to just get as many ‘likes’ as I can but want to use to share the photos from weddings that I really like and enjoy taking. If I wanted to make it about getting as many positive reactions as I could I’d make my whole Instagram feed about couples portraits, details of flowers, cute things and children – these are the things that gets most ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ but for me weddings are not just about those things. I like real photographs of people genuinely being part of the wedding day – this is where the real story lies.


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This month we have a bit of dancing, a bit of eating, a bit of anticipation, a bit of leg, a bit of lovely dusky light and lots and lots and lots of people enjoying themselves.

If you want to see more of the whole stories these wedding pictures are from have a click on some of the links below:

A Beneden Wedding in Surrey

A Wild Garden Wedding in Kent

An English ‘Bake Off’ Wedding in Sussex


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