Sheldrakes Wedding Photography : Kim & Colin

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A couple of weeks ago I joined Colin and Kim for their wedding photography at Sheldrakes Restaurant on the Wirral in Merseyside.

It was a relaxed day with family and friends gathering at St.Mary’s Church just at the end of their road in Great Sankey – I know it was close because I parked at Kim’s house to photograph her getting ready then walked to the church as parking seemed difficult.


Subtle Expressions of Emotion


Kim certainly doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve and clearly expressed her emotions throughout the day. There was great laughter during makeup and hair,  tears approaching the church and broad smiles for the rest of the day. Emotions can be expressed in many ways and often I’m looking for a subtle touch of hands or sly smile to give me the emotion I want in each frame – Kim and Colin just showed me from about 30 yards away how they were feeling all day!

Sheldrakes Wedding Venue looks stunning


It was the first time I’d been to Sheldrakes Wedding Venue and it’s a magnificent place on the Wirral. A beautiful seafood restaurant (the sea bass was outstanding) the down stairs that was hired out for shady was quirky, intimate and looked across the Mersey to Wales. It was a bit of a cloudy day but we did get 5 minutes of amazing sunset – on a clear day you can see how the vista it presents would be stunning!

Here’s a preview of a little of Kim and Colin’s wedding photography at Sheldrakes – I’m very much looking forward to editing the whole day…


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