Sefton Palm House Wedding in Liverpool

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Last year was a busy year for me for wedding photography. I’m looking back over all the weddings I photographed and picking out ones I’d forgotten to share – like Natalie and Tim’s Sefton Palm House wedding in Liverpool.


Great People, Great Venue, Great Wedding


Sefton Palm House is a wedding venue in Liverpool I’ve photographed before and it’s always lovely to go back to somewhere, knowing that it’s going to be familiar but different all at the same time. My focus on a wedding day is always the people and that’s always a constantly changing and new story – regardless of where the wedding is being held. Natalie and Tim’s wedding was another example of great people, great venue and great wedding.

In an effort to not to get in the way of a good story by rambling on I’m going to be making blog posts a lot shorter (if indeed you read this bit let me know in the comments because I know I’d be scrolling on to the pictures without ever glancing at this bit).


Click on the Slideshow at the Bottom


So here is Nat & Tim’s Sefton Palm House wedding – at the bottom is a slideshow with more images from their day. Just click on it to play…..

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