Normanton Church Wedding Photography in Rutland: James & Amy

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Between Christmas and New Year I joined Amy & James to take their Normanton Church wedding photography in Rutland.

How beautiful getting married at Normanton Church is…

It can be a bit of a risk in terms of weather getting married in the depths of winter but being the UK foul weather can hit at anytime of the year! Driving across in the morning it was thick fog and thought we’d end up with some very ‘atmospheric’ photography but I was hoping for one or two landscape photos that would put everything in context, knowing how beautiful getting married at Normanton Church is.

If you don’t know it it’s a council run building that stretches out on a man made spit of rock into Rutland Water – quite striking and a beautiful choice for a wedding at anytime of year. But for Amy and James it turned into something magical.


What I love about Winter weddings…


What I love about Winter weddings is the low, warm light that you get at that time of year. I’m a story-telling photographer that uses the natural available light throughout the day rather than introducing flash or LED light – and suddenly as the Normanton Church wedding photography began the mist cleared and golden light streamed across the water and into the church.

A Great wedding day all ’round


After the wedding everyone was bussed to the Victoria Hall at Oakham for the reception – great food, drinks, speeches and loads of great dancing. A great wedding day all around and I was so happy to be a part of it for a lovely couple like James & Amy.


UPDATE: It was great to have this opening image featured in the January 2017 Collection by ‘Your Perfect Wedding Photographer’ along with another of my wedding photographs from 2016. Have a peek at their website:


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Here is James and Amy’s wedding day: