NEW! Best of Instagram – March 2021

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It’s been a little while since I’ve done a ‘Best of Instagram’ round up on the blog. So here it is….

I like to post regularly to Instagram to keep getting my latest wedding photography work out there (over the past year I have been revisiting previous weddings and finding photos I love but haven’t shared before).


Relaxed + Candid Wedding Photography


It’s a nice way of communicating my relaxed and candid style of wedding photography and getting instant feedback from couples that are featured.

“Such a wonderful day!

So pleased you were there with us!!”

Instagram is flooded with wedding photography and I never want to just add to the ‘noise’ – I like to post surprising, natural and emotion filled moments. I try to photograph each wedding day as an event that is only happening there and then. 

Generic and formulaic images don’t really tell the true story of a day and I’d much rather react to what’s happening in front of me than construct photos that ‘look’ like wedding photography. It’s a risky way to work but ultimately it’s the only way I know how to get the photos I enjoy taking.

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