King Street Townhouse Wedding – Will & Daniella

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Here’s a quick peek at Will & Daniella’s King Street Townhouse wedding photography in Manchester this past Sunday.

It’s always extra special when you photograph the wedding of someone you’ve know for a long time – Will and I go back nearly 20 years and it was an absolute honour to be able to photograph his wedding to Daniella.


King Street Townhouse Wedding


The day brought together my past working life and my current one. I worked in theatre for a long time and that’s where Will and I met. There were a lot of ‘creatives’ involved in the wedding – Will is a film director and Daniella is involved in costume for TV – so the combined force of their friends came together to make a brilliant wedding. Set decorators pimping out the already chic King Street Townhouse, the lovely Andrew was on hand to be Daniella’s personal dresser on the day and so many other people beautifully contributed to the day.

Perfect Manchester City Centre Wedding


I’ve photographed a lot of Manchester City Centre weddings and this one was timed to perfection to make the most of an amazing city skyline at dusk – we arrive back from the Town Hall to King Street Townhouse in time to see the last glow of the sun silhouette the Manchester city skyline. Just beautiful.

It was my first King Street Townhouse wedding and their description of the restaurant/tea room/hotel as a baby grand hotel is perfect – it packs a lot of bespoke and unique and contemporary touches into one of Manchester’s historic Victorian buildings.

Anyway here is a little preview of Will and Daniella’s wedding – I loved it and will be looking forward to editing the rest of the photography….


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