Fulham Palace Wedding – Matt & Rebecca

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It’s always interesting photographing another wedding photographer’s wedding – and that’s exactly what I did for Matt and Rebecca at London’s Fulham Palace last month.


Photographing a Wedding Photographer’s Wedding


I photographed Matt & Rebecca’s Fulham Palace wedding at the end of March this year and was really flattered to be asked by Matt to capture the day. Matt is a well established wedding photographer in London (MBH Photography) so it’s always slightly ego stroking to be asked by another professional to be the one to photograph their wedding. 

I seem to be making a bit of a habit of it as I think this was about the 12th photographer’s wedding I’ve photographed. What I love about doing it is the number of people who sidle up to you on the day looking very earnest and whisper “No pressure then!” then break out into a braod smile. It happens at least a once an hour.

First Time Fulham Palace Wedding Photography


This was the first time I’d photographed a wedding at Fulham Palace and what a great venue it is – very intimate, very bespoke and with some beautiful rooms and lovely light (hence why matt and Rebecca chose it). What I didn’t get to experience on the day was any of the outside space as it managed to pour with rain all day long. Luckily Matthew knew the score and had picked a venue for his March wedding with ample inside space….

Here’s a quick preview of Rebecca and Matt’s Fulham Palace wedding (in case anyone is interested Rebecca got ready at the Dorsett Hotel in Shepherds Bush) – 


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