FIVE New Wedding Photography Awards!

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I was very pleased to be told last week that FIVE of my wedding photographs had won awards in the latest round of the ‘Masters of Wedding Photography’.

Covering UK + Ireland it’s a great set of awards and tough to win a place in.

“Can you award prizes for something as subjective as wedding photography?” I hear you say (well that’s what I often question). “There is no ‘correct’ way to photograph a wedding!” – and that’s true.

I do however think that there are certainly universal ideas around composition, style, subject, story-telling as well as appreciation of individual approach and artistry. That’s why I’ll only enter into competitions that are judged by photographers working at the top of their game, who consistently produce amazing work under the same circumstance as those whom they are judging – these are the awards that get my blood pumping and wanting to do better. 

‘Tough’ Wedding Photography Awards


Awards like ‘The Masters…’ or ‘This Is Reportage’ or ‘The World’s Best Wedding Photographers’ allow me to see some amazing work from my contemporaries and see how my approach measures up. In these awards I often don’t get awarded but that’s part of the reason for entering – to reflect on the way I work and always try to get better every wedding I photograph.

So thanks again to ‘The Masters…’ In a difficult year it’s nice to remind yourself that what you love doing is appreciated.