Back from Crete Photography Workshops

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It’s been a busy week but I’m glad to be back in the office from my Crete photography workshops and catching up on everything that’s been piling up while I’ve been away.


Crete Photography Workshops in Heraklion


I’ve spent the last week in Crete running a workshop for a group of Greek photographers who were interested in looking at my approach to wedding photography. There isn’t a lot of documentary wedding photography in Greece (their photography tends to be a wee bit more traditional and staged than my approach) so it was great to swap ideas and offer some suggestions towards how they might bring a more relaxed way to Greek weddings. I was also feed and watered amazingly well and I’m just getting used to eating again at 6pm rather than 10.30pm! Check out my wedding photography training website for more details of upcoming workshops and 1-2-1 sessions… https://www.weddingphotographytraining.co.uk

First job on my list was to finish editing Matthew and Rebecca’s Fulham Palace wedding and share that with them. I’d given them a little preview of the day on my blog before I left for Heraklion but wanted to make sure that they could see the rest of their day on my return – see below for a little peep at a slideshow of their wedding day at Fulham Palace in London.


And a Two Day wedding at Blaithwaite House


Whilst I was a way I also finished editing Amy & Abhi’s two day wedding that I photographed for them at Blaithwaite House at the end of March. It was an amazing  couple of days and they had TWO weddings, both very different from each other – I’m looking forward to sharing that at the end of this week.

That’s it for workshops for me till the other side of the wedding season – I’m starting in earnest at the beginning of May in Stratford & Skipton and really looking forward to making some new photography.