Best Loved Instagram Wedding Photos August 2020

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Best Loved Instagram Wedding Photos

August 2020


It’s great looking back and revisiting some of the weddings that I’ve photographed. Delving into the archives this year I’ve been rediscovering moments I’d forgotten and refreshing blog posts to give a different slant on couples’ wedding days.

When you photograph each wedding day as a unique event it’s been amazing to me the amount of variety one wedding day can yield. Focussing on people has always been my approach so not photographing a ‘wedding’ but photographing ‘people at a wedding’ has shown me that each day can look different from another possibly similar wedding day. That’s what keeps me coming back for more I think – there’s always new stories to tell.

Here’s a look at a few weddings from last month’s Instagram starting with Emma + Jon’s day at Orchardleigh Estate in the summer of 2017:

Bride running to catch a helicopter

Bride and groom and confetti shower

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This is Laura + Ed’s garden party wedding from August 2017:

Register signing kisses

Bride and groom in confetti in black and white

Setting up a wedding selfie with guests

Bride reflected in sunglasses

Bride dancing at her wedding

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Last year I photographed Aleks + Charlie at Dorney Court near Eton:

Bride getting her hair done at a London wedding

First kiss at a wedding in Eton College Chapel

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Most recently I photographed the socially distanced wedding of Emily + Eddy in the Lake District – I’m so looking forward to photographing their celebration party next year…

Bride arriving at Church

Dogs at weddings

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Finally here’s Larissa + Francis’s wedding at the fabulous Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire from way back in July 2017:

Mother of the groom laughing

Guests at Aynhoe Park wedding

Bride depending the stairs at an Aynhoe Park wedding in Oxfordshire.

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