World’s Best Wedding Photos Winner!

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I’ve just had the fantastic news that I’ve been awarded TWO places in the Top 50 World’s Best Wedding Photos of the decade!

This particular round was focused on the ‘Decisive Moment’ or documentary storytelling wedding photography which is why I entered. The curators of the competition put it best:

“Coined by Henri Cartier-Bresson, the decisive moment is the split-second a photographer stops time to tell an enduring story. Never posed or staged, these moments are photographed when an artist has the patience to wait and the skill to capture exactly what is in front of them. The 50 documentary photos in this gallery were taken between 2010 and April, 2020 and chosen from almost 3000 entries by our distinguished judges, including world-renowned photographer and film-maker, Joe McNally, four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for photojournalism, Carol Guzy, and top photography consultant, speaker, author, and owner of WBWP, Blair deLaubenfels.”Worlds Best Wedding Photos Winner

Good Storytelling Rewarded


Looking at the other winners I’m so pleased to be in their company – there are some photographers included that I aspired to be when I was first starting out in wedding photography.

Worlds Best Wedding Photos Award

It’s great to see good story-telling rewarded in wedding photography. A lot of competitions love to celebrate show stopping portraits and are very centred around just the bride and groom. It’s great photography but often the artifice of it makes me long to see the couple in the context of the actual day, with family and friends.

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