What to do with your wedding photos?

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My wedding photography is all about creating tangible memories. That’s why I like to provide something physical for couples to have and hold after the wedding.

The MOST tangible of this is an album – the story of the day printed in a fantastic album for future generations to see.

Primabook Lay-Flat Album Primabook Lay-Flat Album

Primabook Lay-Flat Album


But What About Digital Files?


But where do you keep your digital files? I provide a beautiful online gallery for couples to view their wedding and share PLUS the photo files can be downloaded directly to phone or laptop. But how often have you downloaded something only to spend hours searching for the file later? 

That’s why I also offer couples the opportunity to have all their wedding photography delivered to them on a USB stick. The best company I’ve found for beautifully printed and long lasting branded flash drives is ‘USB Memory Direct’ based in Florida. 

USB Memory Sticks for weddings

USB Memory Stick presentation box



I love to give couples something to hold after the wedding and these USBs feel great in the hand – there is even a little magnet in the cap so that it snaps on tightly to persevere the integrity of the drive. I’ve never seen that before!

Wooden USB Memory Sticks

Their philosophy is great too:

“We are able to bring an extraordinary level of product quality to the table as well. The core tenant of our corporate belief structure is to do the absolute best in every aspect of our business, without exception. This has led us to treat every USB flash drive that leaves our factory like it is meant for us and that only the best is acceptable. “

If any other photographers are looking for a quality USB to present to their couples check out USB Memory Direct. I chose the Tower style natural wood option but the choice of design is great and suitable for all tastes. Have a peep!

USB Wedding Memory Sticks



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