Wedding Photography : Moment By Moment – What Happens If It Rains

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This is an image taken from a wedding I photographed in July in the UK. This is the height of summer.


What Happens If It Rains?


One of the questions always asked of wedding photographers in the UK is “What happens if it rains?”. I think my stock answer is “You get married.” My wedding photography is unposed and unmanipulated so I’m always looking to tell the story of the day in an engaging and creative way.

This particular scene unfolded as we were waiting for the bride to arrive from her family home just a couple of miles away. The grey storm clouds had been gathering and just as I arrived at the church the heavens opened and sent everyone scurrying inside. Just running from my car to the church I ended up looking like I’d sat down in a bath of water, so soaked through was I.

I had a choice. Stay in the nice dry church and wait for Ffion to run up the winding path to the church, photographing from inside the church or go down to join the ushers who were still had at work directing guests from the car park. Against my wetter judgement I chose the latter.


Weddings Aren’t Fairytales


Being able to stand on a wall above the ushers gave me the vantage point I wanted for this photograph. Weddings aren’t fairytales and I want to reflect the day as it was.

What happens if it rains? You’ll get some unique and interesting photography on your wedding day.

Camera: Fuji X-T1

I’m very happy to report that this photograph won me a ‘Masters of Wedding Photography’ award in 2016.