Wedding Photography : Moment By Moment – Just A Cheeky One

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Wedding days are made up of lots of little moments that when put together create the story of the whole day. As a photographer it’s the small, little moments that I get great joy in capturing. Those little incidents that you can’t anticipate happening.

I Spend Most of the Day Watching & Listening


I always have a camera in my hand throughout a wedding day but it’s never glued to my eye. I spend most of the wedding watching and listening to what is going on around me. Someone walking purposefully towards somewhere might signify a moment is about to happen, or just the volume of chatter raising in a room tells me something is going on.

Moments are fleeting on a wedding day and, although you can anticipate the cornerstone moments that have been planned for, it’s these little incidents that make a day unique and interesting for me.

In this photograph I was at the front of the church waiting for the bride and her bridesmaids to arrive in the wedding car. The groomsmen were waiting for this too.

It’s the Vicar that Makes the Photo


Having been across with Graeme the groom in the morning I knew that they’d all been given hip flasks as presents for carrying out their duties on the day. And lo and behold someone decides to put it to good use.

Now this can be quite a standard photo – it’s not at all unheard of for hip flasks to be flexed before the wedding. But what makes this photograph for me is the Vicar in the background looking on. It adds an element of humour and a layer of meaning above what is obviously happening in the foreground.

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