Wedding Photography Albums – Fine Art

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Photography looks better in print.

I’m as guilty as the next person of taking family photographs and storing them on a hard drive never to be looked at again. That’s why I love it when couples have their wedding photography printed.

They either tell me that they’ve put photographs throughout the house that they’ve had printed themselves or ask me to put an album together for them.


A long time researching Albums


I spent a long time researching album companies. My photography isn’t glossy and there was a lot of ‘gloss’ out there in the worldwide wedding print market. Then I found a company right here in the UK that produces great prints, beautiful albums and has excellent quality control. Loxley Colour.

The only album I offer is their Fine Art album. It has thick matte pages, great colour and black & white printing and a ‘lay flat’ spine so that I can spread a photograph generously across two pages if I wish.

Here is what how they describe it themselves:

“Create a fine art love affair with exquisite paper and beautiful photography. The Bellissimo Fine Art album with tactile fine art cotton paper and lay-flat page design exudes style and sophistication.

Print finishes

Cotton Smooth


Leather, Linen, Natural Hessian, Paisley, Shimmer

Finishing touches

Laser Etching, Debossing, UV Printing – Designs, UV Printing – Text”


It’s a bit schmaltzy but you get the idea.

The print is great, the construction is fantastic and the choice of finish means that you’ll find something that suits your taste and won’t look out of place in your house. There’s nothing worse I think than arriving at a newly married couples’ house to see a book the size of a New York phone directory sitting on the coffee table, knowing that it’s only a matter of time till you’ll be having you knees crushed under the weight of it as you flick through their day. With the Fine Art albums I offer you can easily ambush visitors with it, they won’t know what hit them.


I loved the theatre of it


The other thing that sold it for me was the fabulous presentation box ever album arrives in – as you open it it reveals a pair of white gloves. I loved this piece of theatre. It’s not necessary to always wear gloves when looking at the album(!) but this little reveal as I opened my first box just added to the special nature of what I was about to look at.

I’ve always looked at what I do as selling photography not books so I’m never ‘pushy’ with albums but if couples want to have their day printed I want to offer the best way to see their photography.

Have a peek at the photos below. I may be the Henry Ford of albums (although you can have any colour including black) but the one I offer is a peach!


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