Wedding Photographer Society – Award Winning Photography

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I’m really so happy to announce a double win in this month’s Wedding Photographer Society competition.

The Wedding Photographer Society is an association of professional wedding photographers from across the world who all work to an amazing standard – I’m very happy to be included.

Out of the thousands of entries they chose 48 winning images and I’m really chuffed to have TWO of the winning wedding photographs.


It’s not about making Award Winning Photography


For me being a wedding photographer is not about looking for and creating award winning photography at a wedding – it is about doing the best work that I can for every couple that I work with and IF one or more of those photographs is judged well by my peers then I’m happy.

There are a few awards that I enter on a regular basis but I only chose those that are judged by other photographers. There are a lot of popularity contests around wedding photography where the winners are the ones that got the most ‘likes’ or votes through social media.

I don’t think the winners there are being judged on their photography but on their ability to badger votes from friends and former clients. But each to their own.


They keep me on my game and trying to create better photography


The reason I will put photographs forward for awards like the ‘Wedding Photographer Society’ or ‘Masters of UK Wedding Photography’ is that they are really hard to win! They keep me on my game and trying to create better photography every time I pick up my camera at a wedding.

As a side note I was really happy to be named in the list of Top 100 wedding photographers in the world last year from the ‘Wedding Photographer Society’  – I was in at number 32! This year I’ll be pushing myself to make the Top 20… watch this space.

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