Wedding Instagram Photos – Oct/Nov 18

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Wedding Instagram Photos for Oct/Nov 18


It occurred to me that I hadn’t done a little catch up on my favourite wedding Instagram photos for a while so while I was in the office preparing from tomorrow’s wedding I thought I’d pull a few out and drop them into a blog post.

There is an idea that wedding photography in the UK is a very seasonal occupation and that I’m only busy during the summer months. I fine that I’m photographing weddings for couples throughout the year and October and November have been no exception – indeed I like a Autumnal wedding.


Winter Weddings are a Challenge I Like


Every Saturday this December is a wedding for me. I like the challenge of a Winter wedding – the weather is unpredictable, the light fades fast and you have to work hard because of this. But on the plus side it can often make very unique wedding photographs that are very much about the time and place the couple have chosen. A great storytelling opportunity.

Here is a little selection of photos I’ve enjoyed taking this Autumn.


They are from weddings in the City of London – Trinity House and 1 Lombard Street.

A Colshaw Hall wedding in Cheshire.

An Asylum Chapel and MC Motors wedding in London.

And a Manchester City Centre wedding.


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