Wedding Instagram Favs for January

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Wedding Instagram Favs


Here’s my regular round up of what’s has been most appreciated on my wedding photography Instagram feed. I try not to ‘mine’ my back catalogue for ‘likes’ (otherwise it would be all posed portraits of brides and cute children) but simply show what I like to photograph at weddings. 


I try to be Specific rather than Generic


I have a very unposed approach to photographing wedding days and try not to orchestrate anything. That’s not to say all I’m doing is taking snapshots or candid photos at random – I have a very specific approach too each day I’m at. I’m looking for emotion and connection between people, something that tells us where we are and what’s happening, and I try to be very specific rather than generic. That creates a set of photos that could only happen at this time, in this place with these people. General wedding tropes don’t have a greater value for the couples I’m working with – they say nothing about them.

This month’s photos are from:

Amy + Sam’s wonderful village hall winter wedding

Jen & Steve’s relaxed vegan Meol’s Hall wedding

Some Titanic Hotel wedding photography in Liverpool

A brilliant Festival Wedding in Yorkshire

Maddy & Sam’s Asylum Chapel wedding in London

An elegant wedding at Sandon Hall in Staffordshire

& Party Fun at a Round Chapel wedding in Hackney

There was also much love for a short little slideshow I shared of some wedding highlights – click on the image at the bottom to play it (it’s on 50 seconds long!).


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