The Perch Wedding Photography in Oxford

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Here’s a little preview of Mark and Pip’s wedding photography at The Perch in Oxford.


The Perch Wedding Photography in Oxford


It’s the first time I’d been to The Perch to photograph a wedding and what a cracking venue it is – just a 20 minute walk outside the centre of Oxford. But we didn’t walk there – oh, no. We arrived in style – taking a boat up the river from the centre of Oxford and arriving at their private dock to the back of the pub.


Walking through Oxford to the Bodleian Library


I’d met up with Pip and Mark in the morning to photograph the preparations for the wedding and Pip had decided to walk to the Bodleian Library for the ceremony – so I tagged along. 

Great People make Great Weddings


Have a peek at their wedding day – I really loved this wedding. Great venues, great town, great opportunities for photography but above all GREAT PEOPLE!

They’ll be a full blog post along in due course but in the meantime have a little preview of their wedding day at The Perch (and throughout Oxford).


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