Symonds Yat Wedding Photography – Tina & John

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There are days that remind you how lucky you are to do the job that you are doing.

Joining Tina and John for their Symonds Yat wedding photography was one of those days.


A Beautiful Wye Valley Wedding


Symonds Yet is a beautiful village in the Wye Valley which straddles South Wales and The Cotswolds. I am reliably informed by Wikipedia that ‘Yat’ is Anglo Saxon for ‘Gorge’ and it is down this fabulous gorge we took a boat from the Royal Lodge Hotel  to the ancient church of St.Dubricius for the wedding. And back again after.

If there is travelling to be done on a wedding day I always like to move around with the wedding party – there is nothing more terrifying than the thought of being separated and stuck in traffic away from the wedding.

The journey or the destination


Hopping on the bus or boat with everyone ensures that I arrive at the destination ay the same time and means that I can continue telling the story as we travel from ‘A’ to ‘B’. If we wanted to expand the metaphor then we could describe the wedding day as a journey rather than a destination – it’s often the moments between the ‘destination’ bits of the day that are the most interesting and unique – but maybe I’m stretching the point.

Anyway here is a peek at the photography for Tina and John’s fabulous wedding day on a sunny September in Symonds Yat.

If you want to see more photos click on the slideshow at the end of this post….


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