Scottish Forest Wedding – Fliss+James

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Usually when I blog a wedding I tie the Google search results to the venue – I figure most couples are searching venues first and my blog post might just get in front of them. But what do you do when the wedding is in the middle of a forest in Scotland. There are no high ranking SEO wedding keywords for ‘weddings in the middle of a forest’ or ‘Scottish forest wedding’. I guess you just share it because it was a great day and the couple put together a fantastic wedding.


Photographing Weddings Throughout the UK


Most of the couples I work with are getting married in England  – it’s just how it is, although I’ve photographed weddings in Wales, Scotland and Ireland (not to mention Europe and Africa). Currently in England where you get married has to be licenced and under cover (although this is set to change) – not so in Scotland.

So when Fliss and James decide to tie the knot Fliss wanted to do it close to where she’d grown up – Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders. Not only that but in the middle of a beautiful forest that she knew well. 

The Wedding Gods Smiled on Them


It was April so there was a chance of it being a very muddy affair but the wedding gods smiled on them and it was as good a day as you can expect a Scottish spring to be.

I shan’t go into the details of the day too much as you should be able to see that from the photographs (and the slideshow) but it was a relaxed, fun day that reflected their personalities perfectly.

Enjoy Fliss + James’ Scottish forest wedding. It was joyous, quirky, personal and throughly enjoyable day for all.

Here are a few photos from their day – click on the slideshow at the bottom for more….


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