One Minute Wedding Blast – Dorney Court Wedding

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Speaking to the couples that I work with one factor in wedding planning gets mentioned a lot – time.

I realise that couples are often very ‘time poor’ at various stages of planning a wedding so I thought I’d try something. The one minute wedding blast.

It’s a snapshot of my snapshot of a wedding day. 

A very quick look at how I photographed a particular wedding at a venue. 

Some couples that I have worked with have told me they had to wade through 20 to 30 wedding photographers long blog posts before they finally found me so here’s my solution – one minute of your time.

If you like what you see, explore more.

It’s a new thing I’m trying so I’d appreciate some feedback if you have the time….

If you want to see more of this wedding there’s a link to the full wedding blogpost here:

Dorney Court Wedding Photography


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