Moment By Moment – Wedding Details

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Do you shoot the Wedding Details?


The details of the wedding day are import. It grounds the day in the specific – I think it’s important to reflect the choices the couple have made. A lot of time can go into planning a wedding and all those little details make up the texture of the day.

However I’m not one of those photographers who wants to take every little object and make an individual ‘product shot’ of it – I don’t run off with the dress and hang it from a tree… I’m not creating a beautiful but perhaps slightly antiseptic image that you might find a manufacturers website. To me context is everything.

If I can foreground those details within the context of the day then that’s a ‘detail shot’ that pushes the story forward for me. The image above is a detail shot that I love – money has been spent on hiring a big, illuminated ‘Mr&Mrs’ sign to appear in the background of Anna & Phil’s Elmore Court wedding but if I can get a stroppy child walking across in front of it that’s killing two proverbial birds with the one photograph.


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