Liverpool City Centre Wedding – Oh Me Oh My !

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What do you get if you cross a creative artist working in theatre & TV and a talented multi-instrumental musician – and amazing Liverpool City Centre wedding, that’s what. I work a lot with brides and grooms that want their wedding wedding day to represent them as a couple and Rachel and Richard were no exception, they just turned it up to 11. Being a documentary wedding photographer, with that candid and reportage approach, it’s always brilliant to have the opportunity to work creatively in interesting places.

Documentary Wedding Photography celebrates the couple’s choices…

It was a marriage ceremony that had everything – from a double bass playing groom, fantastic songs and readings during the service, bridesmaids resembling a hot Sixties girl group (The Shirelles sprang to mind) and Rachel in an amazing vintage 60s wedding dress. All in the breath-taking Concert Room in Liverpool’s St.George’s Hall, too.

I’ve always thought that wedding photography should reflect the choices that couples make on their wedding day and give anyone looking at the photos an insight into what the day was like to be there. It’s not my job to dictate or arrange the day to be anything other than it is – and it was an absolute joy to be the photographer for Rachel and Richard.

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings in and around Liverpool and I don’t what it is about that famous city but they are always energetic, loud and ‘full on’ days. There is something about being in that north west corner of Britain that has a joyous party vibe.

Their day was then topped off by great live performances from the family and friends in the evening and an exclusive music video starring the bride Rachel – trust me it was fantastic.

Oh Me Oh My – hidden gem of a space!

Want a brilliant place for a wedding reception in Liverpool – have a peek at ‘Oh Me Oh My’ on Water Street opposite the Liver Building. Both Tea House and Secret Venue it’s a great place to have a wedding – and one I’m returning to next year (hoorah!). A bespoke and flexible space it’s just brilliant for the afternoon and evening bash, and the food’s not bad too!

Have a look at Richard and Rachel’s wedding – a fabulous bespoke wedding day I’m sure you’ll agree.


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