Hawksmoor Wedding Photography – Maddy+Sam

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Here is a little peep at Maddy + Sam’s Hawksmoor wedding photography. It was on a crisp (sometimes rainy) day in London a couple of weeks before Christmas last year.

I’m not going to describe their day in detail as I’ll let the pictures do the talking on that front but it is worth saying a little something about the way I work on the day. I never approach a wedding with a preconceived idea of the photographs I’m going to take – for me there is no ‘generic’ wedding, each day is it’s own standalone occasion.


Asylum Chapel weddings in London 


I’m always looking to tell the story of ‘this day, in this place, with these people’ so it’s no good imposing my ideas in what’s happening in front of me. There are certain photos that just work and have done for many year – I’ll direct you to the photograph of Maddy and Sam exiting the Asylum Chapel in a flurry of confetti petals. That sort of picture just works, but I still try not to stand in the ‘special photographer place’ but squeeze in with everyone else. I think it gives more a sense of what it was like to be there as a guest (rather than as a photographer who is allowed to direct the action).

The Fabulous Hawksmoor Wedding Photography


I have photographed marriage ceremonies at Asylum Chapel before and it’s an amazing place for a wedding. We then went on to the Hawksmoor Restaurant Guildhall which was a new reception venue for me and a fabulous place to bring people together. If you want you can have the whole wedding there but tying the knot at the Asylum Chapel then bringing everyone across on London buses to Hawksmoor was a lovely touch – even with the seasonal rain lashing down on us as we ran for transport.

Have a look at this lovely winter wedding in London – I’m so pleased Sam and Maddy had the day they so wanted (there was drama along the way) and it was one of the most fun and energetic weddings I’d photographed in a long time. The dancing was immense!

If you want to see more photographs from their Asylum Chapel and Hawksmoor wedding click on the slideshow at the bottom of this post….

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