Everybody Dance Now!

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I’ve found that there is a presumption that the wedding photographer is going to evaporate after the ‘first dance’ has been danced. The number of DJs and venue managers that have asked me if I’m staying to the end of the first dance is amazing.


Full On Dance Floor Photography


If I’m covering the compete wedding day then I want to tell the story of that day – and it doesn’t end when the couple ‘open’ the dance floor in the evening. That is quite literally just a beginning. If it is a party crowd that piles onto the dance floor straight after the first dance I’m not packing away my kit but getting into the middle of the party mayhem.

For me it bookends the story of the day very nicely. Quite often I’m there for the build up of the wedding – with the bride as she’s getting ready and photographing that sense of anticipation – and the release of everyone piling onto the dance floor is the perfect counterpoint to that.

You’ll Find Me On The Dance Floor


Once I have that part of the story I’ll then find the couple and say my goodnights (unless they have added a couple of hours onto the coverage specifically to get LOADS of dance floor + party action). So to any venue managers out there – if you are looking for me at any point during the evening check the dance floor first, I’m probably in the middle of it!

Check out the slideshow below – it’s as much dance mayhem as I could fit into 60 seconds….

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